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High blood sugar: Junk food has very little nutritional value and is high in calories. Junk food is typically processed and is high in saturated fat. They are expected to have fewer vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Additionally, junk food frequently contains large amounts of added sugar and is loaded with saturated and trans fats. 

Processed sugars even though might digest more quickly as a result of this, could increase blood sugar levels and increase levels of bad cholesterol. 

An individual’s body cells may develop insulin resistance if they have an excessive amount of body fat, especially in the midsection. When body cells are unable to properly utilise insulin, the pancreas interprets this as a need for more insulin and begins producing more of it. 

Eventually, the pancreas would become exhausted and stop generating enough insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Due to this, diabetes, which is characterised by high blood glucose levels, develops.

Effects of eating junk food

– Highly processed foods are quickly digested by the body and may cause a rapid spike in blood sugar levels.

– People who eat junk food may put on weight, increasing their risk of type 2 diabetes because of its poor nutritional value and tendency to induce overeating.

– Junk food has large concentrations of trans and saturated fats, which may increase triglyceride levels—a type of fat found in the blood—in the body. The risk of type 2 diabetes is increased by high triglyceride levels.

– Junk food has a high sodium (salt) content, which contributes to high blood pressure. An increased risk of type 2 diabetes is also linked to high blood pressure.

Tips to control high blood sugar

Diabetes and sugar levels can be managed by eating:

– A controlled amount of complete, unprocessed carbohydrates from foods including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains high in fibre.

– Taking smaller meals. 

– Eating foods with low salt levels.

– Enough protein-rich food.

– Foods in low saturated and trans fat.

– Getting enough exercise also aids in reducing blood sugar levels.

(Disclaimer: This information in this article is based on general information and does not substitute for an expert’s advice. Zee News does not confirm this.)

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